Monday, February 27, 2006

Another scarf . . .

Here is a scarf I made for my step-dad for his birthday, but I have an inkling to keep it for myself. It is made out of a Lion Brand Jiffy yarn, but it's super soft. I might have to make one for myself.

Stylish dogs model lovely eyelash scarves

So while we're on the subject of eyelash yarn, I just had to share this charming photo of Anya and Mara wearing two eyelash scarves knitted by mom. I think the girls just look stunning, don't you? Actually, they both have purple jackets and were these scarves quite a bit shorter, they would be the perfect accessory for the daily constitutional out on the open space trails. Actually, I bet some people would laugh 'til they cried, but that's a nice compliment to well dressed dogs!
Photo provided by mom

Three generations of bag-makers

Hi all! Here is my daughter Susan, yet another fiber-happy member of my family. In the picture above, Susan is wearing a bag she crocheted in yarn she spun this last summer (note: her shirt says "Ask me about my vow of silence). In the other picture is a bag she crocheted out of Lamb's Pride worsted and then felted. Notice that the bag is made of "granny squares" and is not lined. We were delighted to see how well it tightened up. Susan designed both of these bags. She hates patterns and prefers to explore, both with yarn design and for final projects.
Photography happily provided by Susan's Grandmother, aka Mom, aka Sue.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

swap/dye/exchange/flower survey

my first post!
just wanted to let you all know I posted a survey of sorts on the yahoo group re: the swap/dyeing/flower knitting/ yarn exchange night(s) we have in the works so we can work out some logistics for scheduling a night that works for all (or most). i figured more people checked that site as of now...

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Alpaca cuteness

This is Jenifer's daughter at the Alpaca Extravaganza, making a new friend!

Friday, February 24, 2006

yes, i have 2 posts

this is my latest score! i have been anticipating it's arrival since december when i special ordered it from Borders (because i had the perfect amount in gift cards). I love it-- most garments and projects are garter stitch, but lovely and simple and worked with such thought and skill! and i like reading the journal entries-- it has a very personal feeling.

so of course i want to make this:

... for myself of course! don't you think i need a winter bonnet? it involves the sewing machine and cutting the work! that would be new for me! it sounds like a steek, but it is a little different and "magically" creates the bonnet shaping. I wonder if when the pattern reads "For all sizes", she is referring to children or both children and adults? i think i will still give it a go!

I also am anxiously awaiting to make this NOW (it greatly lead to my decision to own this book!)

I'd do it this very moment if i could decide on a good yarn. Something soft, something bulky (US 10 1/2) and a color that won't look to weird (like poo, or birthday cake frosting...) any suggestions?

show and tell

okay. so here is the finished blue gift shrug. I don't think i'll block it because it is cotton and will have enough time to expand on it's own. Yarn: Mission Falls Cotton, Needle: US 8, knit from cuff to middle of back, grafted together, i used the magic loop method for the selves to spare the under arm seams.

Ya'll can notice my lovely arse (a la pajamas), sans layer upon layer of cotton dresses. Also, my charming USA hat from the olympics of 2002 and apparently the clear sign that i have been watching far too much ice skating, a la the ballerina-like wing span and hand position. hehe!

Also complete is the pair of Elfine's Socks (thanks Alex) also a gift. I am very pleased with these. I changed the back leg to 2x2 ribbing for more structure after time (i hope). I used a merino wool (with wooly nylon thread for reinforcing the heel and toe) from Textiles A Mano. It was lovely to work with! I used a US 1 needle in the magic loop method and because of the new technique i can now be considered a born-again sock knitter! I have several new ideas pending.

you may have noticed...

You may have noticed some changes around here. I added a banner and a button (under contributors). What do you all think? If anyone else has ideas for banners and/or buttons, let me know. I am not particularly attached to these, but I thought they looked pretty nice. I hope you do too.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

button, button, anyone?

Hey ... is anybody interested in making a button for our blog? I could whip up a really lame one if I need to ... but I thought there might be someone with some computer expertise who could come up with one.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Take Up Your Arms Ladies! (and Tom)

Oh. My. Goodness. It's time for us knitters with good sense, and decent taste to finally make a stand against this ridiculous fun fur epidemic. I was finally coming to terms with people making eyelash scarfs, but today.... Today the fun fur made an attack that I was nowhere near prepared for. It came and side swiped me right when I wasn't expecting it. As you may know, JoAnn's has their own brand of yarn called "Sensations" in many differing varieties. Some of it is pretty cool - I have legwarmers I'm working on out of some of it, and Tom has one legwarmer done from a different Sensations yarn. Unfortunately, you've got to know your audience, and thusly, JoAnn's brand of yarn also has a few different eyelash and fur type yarns. I was finally adjusting to that fact. Big Mistake. Today, as I was putting up the yarn from the new shipment, I opened a box to find a new sensations yarn called "Monaco". This yarn is a genetic mutant made up of funfur/eyelash mixed with what they refer to as "eyelet" but unfortunately, it just ends up looking like the muppets shaved their pubic fur, and weaved it in. NOT OKAY. If you're bored, if you want a laugh, or if you'll be in JoAnn's shopping for something far more tasteless, make sure you stop by the yarn section to gawk at this new offender. Really. I'm still wretching.


Farewell to you dear mittens,
who's pattern needed no
class, but who's class
helped to heal the grief.

Farewell to you dear mittens,
your strong gray and black wool
and soft mohair came
from the stash.

Farewell to you dear mittens,
your mate was often lost
found by strangers in
parking lots and curbsides.

Farewell to you dear mittens,
your handy flap and short
fingers made driving better
and hand holding warmer.

Farewell to you dear mittens,
your pattern can be worked again
but your kindredness
never the same.

Farewell to you dear mittens.
your wool is now dirty,
your wool is now worn,
goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cables completed!

Here is my handsome husband, oh, and wearing the beautiful scarf made by me=) As this was my first cable project, I am very happy with the way it turned out. He is very warm with the way it turned out!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Out of Town

So just as it finally looks like we might see some lovely snow at last, mom and I have to go to Arizona where dust is blowing around (rather than snow). I'd take snow any day, but there you go, can't be helped! We'll be back next week and will be back in the swing of things as quick as we can. Never fear, we'll be bringing plenty of knitting.
Stay warm, make warm things (or lacey things or flowery things) and enjoy each other!

WIP : Cardigan

Hello fellow knitters, Today I took the time to snap some pics of the cardigan I am working on for my Knitting 2 class. I am very pleased with my progress, although, since I am working on this, I have not been knitting so many flowers for wedding favors. There are more pictures of my cardigan on my blog. I feel a bit silly posting the exact same pictures here and there and everywhere.

I hope to see a bunch of you guys at the snb tonight! Oh, I can see without my glasses! Isn't that exciting!


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Heart Day

Roses are red,
violets are blue.
It's great to knit,
when i'm knitting with you!


I feel a need to confess my undying love for the run-on sentence before I go any further...



ok, perhaps I figured out how to post, now, I will brag about my fingerless glove that I made for my pal as it's the only thing I have a pic of... I have yet to make the other one as I was rather disappointed in the way the one turned out, but I sent him the same pic and he's stoked and being as they're for him and not me, isn't that all that matters?
Image hosting by Photobucket

Flower Power for Valentine's Day

Here is yarn ice cream with a flower cone and a chocolate cherry on top for your valentine's day!

BACKGROUND STORY: I am knitting 150 of these flowers for my June 3, 2006 wedding favors (with some help from my dear SNB friends and my mom.) Imagine each flower is perched atop a chocolate colored box the size of a small box of tea. Each flower will be
fastened onto the box with the chocolate colored ends from the bobble.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Canine Hams It Up with Homespun

Anya asks me to take her picture every time I show up with the camera. She just knows how photogenic she is. In addition, she looks better in this hat and scarf than anybody else I know.


Or another title could read: i may need my own blog now!

Or, Happy Early Birthday to Me! I got a digital camera!

I decided that i liked the brownish color better (for myself, that is... am i a selfish girl?) than the blue i found discounted at Shuttles. So while i have a "completed" A Good Bias shrug done, i have to do another BLUE sleeve for my kindred knitter/birthday sharer friend.. and those Elfine socks are for her too.

In the mean time, there is no stopping me with these damn pictures! hehe

Canine Model Displays Homespun Hat & Scarf

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


This is my inner-knitter
We has our wedding in October; a la the mums in my hair (my mom thought i ought to have a bundle of flower, i thought not. we reached the conclusion that if i wore some flowers it would look lovely)

because there was a lot of "what happened to your wedding photo?" questions i have posted some photos that i like, including the wedding. fact of the matter is that i got shy... i just wanted to include a photo so badly, but there was that whole missing digital camera piece... long story short, enjoy!! Thanks for your interest-- such kindred pals i have.
Thanks to all my knitting friends-- may we create and create!

Bedpost Bag with Cat Fiddlies

This bag more or less created itself, with the help of the cat. It was interesting to be allowed to participate in the process. We used homespun made from fleece that still contained some interesting field debris.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The finished products . . .

Hi everyone,

Here is the completed toque and scarf that I have been working on. This is the first knitting project that I have actually finished in, oh, let's
see . . . maybe 15 years. Of course, I am thrilled with the finished products=)


Monday, February 06, 2006

First Felting Attempts

Here are my many felted(fulled) wool hats. I found my move here from California to be a slightly chilling experience and these take the edge off! I knitted all of them from commercial wool yarn, except for the purple, blue and cream one in the lower right hand corner.

I like blogs.

Okay, so I'm seriously lagging in getting to work, but just wanted to say that this was a truly great idea, and I'm glad Erica got this set up for us. I, like Emily, have no digital camera, but we have a scanner. This means we'll have to take analog photos, and scan them in. Maybe we could scan the sweater! That would prolly not work quite as well. All the posts so far are awesome. Thanks all.

Russell's love of fiber and what happens as a result

Russell, pictured above with some fibers and "Shuttles" bags of more fiber. Me in my finished sweater. Ta da! Also a picture of: (listed as you start looking at the upper lefthand corner of the next picture and traveling right)
Fibers from Russell's stash
Russell's spindle
Fiber prepared for a piece of flat felt (Russell's work)
Skeins of Russell's handspun yarn
Russell's bottle bag crocheted from his yarn (I made that)
Piece of felt that needs a bit more felting (uh, Russ needs to work on it more)

Sunday, February 05, 2006

i welcome myself

okay.... so this looks neat. as i have told some of you, i spend far too much time reading blogs. they are fascinating-- from a sociological perspective. and so, now i can spend far too much time contributing. i have yet to acquire a digital camera (do you think i am really ready for this?), but i can share this with you for now (i find it quite charming):


Hi everyone,

I have my own blog over at Interstellar Knits, but I'll cross-post here since you've all been watching me work on these socks which are now FINISHED! They're really comfortable and I love the way they look. The yarn is from Sunshine Yarns and the pattern is available for free here.

Sue's Stash Bag

This is a humble attempt to keep my stash tidy.

I spun Eureka, CA fleece rescued by my son from the farmer next door, who doesn't "do" fleece but does shear the sheep in the warm weather. After son skirted the fleece he sent it to Frankenmuth Mill for processing. It was delivered in due course to our home here in Boulder and we've been spinning with it ever since.

In keeping with the aforementioned "humble" nature of the project, I dyed the roving with Kool Aid in motley colors.

The bag is very large, even after felting.

---Sue (AKA Mom)

More lunch bags

Here are two bags and a hat I knit without a pattern from Romney/Corridale mix, mill processed roving that I dyed with Kool Aid and Gay Wool dyes while avoiding working on my sweater. Come to think of it, I managed to squeeze in lots of other projects so as to avoid the sweater. It wouldn't have taken so long to knit had I gotten around to it more often.... Though you probably can't see in the picture, the bags and hat all have a little spiral in them because I knitted singles right off the bobbin and did not set the twist (as is frequently done). This makes the fabric very elastic and springy and it spirals the direction in which the fiber was spun. I also felted the bags to make them more dense and insulating because they are lunch bags. So much for elastic fabric!

I know I'm going nuts here, what with all these posts and all, but I have a little free time this weekend and I'm having fun sharing. I hope you all enjoy!
Photagraphy credit goes to Sue Boudreau.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

My lunch box

Oh look, it really works!
Here's another crochet project of mine from last summer as I was busy avoiding my sweater. This one is also mostly commercial yarn with some handspun thrown in. I didn't use patterns for this or the other one in my previous post. This one I crocheted from two strands of worsted weight wool yarn so it's nice and thick. I made a fat felt ball button and a crochet chain loop for closure. Because it's so thick, this does a good job of keeping lunch (with an ice pack) cold.
Credit for photography goes to Mom (Sue Boudreau)

Ok, I'm just learning how to post to a blog here, be kind...

So if this works, you all will be looking at a crocheted knitting bag I made while I was on vacation this summer. It's mostly commercial yarn (Lamb's Pride) I was using up and you can also see if you look closely, that I even can keep a nice pattern in it if I fold the pattern. Not good for the pattern, but I get knitting results! I've been crocheting since I was ten or so and friends commissioned me to make coy little dresses and handbags for their Barbie and Skipper dolls. When I was a young pretty girl in my early twenties, I enjoyed crocheting lace on fine hooks. I'll dig some out and mom can get a picture of it.

I am pleased to announce that I've finished my sweater!! The darned thing took me over a year what with spinning and knitting and ripping out and re-knitting and running out of yarn and spinning more, etc, etc. I am beyond delighted and may be able to bring myself to wear it in public now and then.
Credit for photography goes to Mom (Sue Boudreau)
Now I hold my breath and see if this posts.... Nisa

Stats Counter

I put a statscounter on our blog. I think it is fun to see the diversity of people who read or stumble onto blogs. You can find out lots of information like what keyword searches bring people to the blog, or what countries people are from. Everyone can view the stats by clicking on the 'View Stats' link at the bottom of the righthand column.

hi there

Hey - I am not technically in Boulder right now (living in Salt Lake for the academic year), but I will be back. You can check out knitting progress on my blog at Michaele

Friday, February 03, 2006

Yay Erica!

Yay, Erica! Thanks for making this up!! :)

first post