Sunday, July 23, 2006

finally, a FO!

our trip to block island: it rained every day. the baby is still smiling and still damn cute!

and, finally people! trekking socks. yarn purchased in san jose, ca. sock 1 started across country. sock 2 started in boston. finished between boston and philly.
pattern: my own. bits and pieces from sensational knitted socks book. toe-up baby.
needles: sz 1 until 4"into leg. switched to sz 2 to accomodate soccer calfs.

i *heart* these socks.
i just bought 35 skeins of knitpicks color your own fingering. then isaw they have superwash too! 10 more of those to come in the next week.
i will let you know when i update the shop.

oh, and my chem class is finally over, owen's dad had a heart attack (but, thankfully, is okay) we went to one wedding, one funeral and owen and i bought a house!

i miss you all!


Blogger Meike said...

Hi Kate!

It's so good to hear from you. We all miss you!

Mon Jul 24, 01:31:00 PM MDT  
Blogger emily said...

and really, it's all small news anyway! WHAT THE HELL! you did some huge stuff in a short period of time!

hope it slows down a little.


it's good to see your smilin' face.


Mon Jul 24, 01:34:00 PM MDT  

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