Friday, April 28, 2006

who wants free handdyed sock yarn?

I posted this on the snb site as well, but I thought I would spread the word as much as possible.

Tom, Allison and I are going to start an Etsy shop selling our handpainted sock yarn, either together, or as separate sellers with links and support to one another -- there are some me-moving-to-philadelphia-logtistics-to be sorted out asap. We'll let you know the details to come. there are 13 skeins of yarn in the mail as we speak!!! yum.

I was thinking that it would be neat to have a few (3) of you knit a pair of socks out of the yarn we make so we can post on the shop page examples of what the yarn looks like knit-up. More and more I am leaning towards acid dyes, too, which seems more permanent and color-friendly. All you would have to do is promise a quick turn around time, (a week and a half or so. is this reasonable?) and provide good digital photos of the socks looking awesome and beautiful and lovely on your feet -- and you can have the skein of one-of-a-kind handpainted yarn for free!!! We will probably sell it for $20 or so. It looks like that is the going rate on the shops.

I hope to have the yarn to me in about a week, and dyeing to begin tues the 9th if not sooner, with the skein in your hands asap after that. (pray for dry hot sun so they dry fast!) The first three people to respond to my email: get it. Also, please specify what color family (blues, greens, pinks, etc.) you prefer so when we dye we have you in mind. Who knows, you may even have a color named after you!! Tom is the master-of-all when it comes to center-pull balls, so please let us know if you want us to ball it up for you, too!! (Or we can just leave it on the skein)

If you don't want the pressure of knitting with a timeline, but want to join in the fun, please post ideas of what your perfect pair of handdyed sock yarn looks like -- specific colors, solid with slight variation, pale green with flashes of hot pink etc.....and a name for the shop that would catch your attention (but not scare you away).

thanks lovelies.


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