Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Spring you guys!

Hi all, I just wanted to check in with everybody and let you know we're still kicking around here. Mom caught a cold just as she finished healing her rib, but has now recovered and has started going back to Pilates. I caught the same cold Mom had and have generally recovered, but had some back problems and heartburn problems (kicked off by anti-inflammatory I took for the back problems) and though I've recovered from the above, have been beset by a serious case of the grumpies. You guys just wouldn't want to hear me whine about everything. So I'm waiting for the fit to pass and will be tuning in soon, or at least I really, really hope so...
I'll have to get Mom to bring all her bags and socks as she's been just going crazy making lots of these. She even made a spiral flute case for my flute. With silver accents and everything. She's also started really getting into embellishing bags with beads that she gets on sale. If you ever want to know where the good e-deals are, ask Mom.
I meanwhile have one sleeve left on another sweater and am experimenting with a cotton lace pattern to edge the bottom of one of my shirts that happens to be too short. I have also started a spinning project that will become a sweater for Russ, who noticed I was making another sweater and didn't like that it wasn't for him. He doesn't wear sweaters! Maybe he will now! Take care and keep it clicking!


Blogger emily said...

it was nice to hear from you-- we were wondering what was up. glad to hear you are still highly productive! we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Sun Apr 16, 09:50:00 PM MDT  
Blogger Erica said...

Hi Nisa,
I am glad to hear you and mom are feeling better. We should be seeing you soon then, right!? I can't wait to see you and all of your projects!

Mon Apr 17, 06:24:00 AM MDT  
Blogger Tom said...

we've been missing youse guys, hope you can come through some time soon!

Sat Apr 22, 03:37:00 PM MDT  

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