Friday, March 24, 2006

some new stuff

i have a few items that i may or may not have shown off yet.

Here for you to view is the embossed leaf socks from IK-- a recent issue (winter? 2005/6). I made them using koigu and wooly nylon on US 2 needles. they have a beautiful toe, fit me well and are being sent to montana (one of my dearest friends was wed in november and moved to helena, mt. i am making her a quilt as a wedding gift, but decided to bribe her with socks for more patience. not that she is bugging me, i'm just feeling guilty because my hands would rather knit that sew some times....). i do think the socks are rather beautiful.

like my bloomers? hehe! and yes that is part of my yarn stash in the closet. and some baskets full of projects that i wish i had more time to work on.

here are some new pop-up mittens (tom nick-named them "galovmitts") to take the place of my old beloved grey and black ones. i am thoroughly enjoying the new colors. yarn: manos..., US 6, Pop Up Paw pattern. loverly!

and finally, part I of my birthday make-up party... and Saint Patrick's Day to boot:


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