Friday, February 24, 2006

yes, i have 2 posts

this is my latest score! i have been anticipating it's arrival since december when i special ordered it from Borders (because i had the perfect amount in gift cards). I love it-- most garments and projects are garter stitch, but lovely and simple and worked with such thought and skill! and i like reading the journal entries-- it has a very personal feeling.

so of course i want to make this:

... for myself of course! don't you think i need a winter bonnet? it involves the sewing machine and cutting the work! that would be new for me! it sounds like a steek, but it is a little different and "magically" creates the bonnet shaping. I wonder if when the pattern reads "For all sizes", she is referring to children or both children and adults? i think i will still give it a go!

I also am anxiously awaiting to make this NOW (it greatly lead to my decision to own this book!)

I'd do it this very moment if i could decide on a good yarn. Something soft, something bulky (US 10 1/2) and a color that won't look to weird (like poo, or birthday cake frosting...) any suggestions?


Blogger Jenifer said...

Can you bring that book to the next guild meeting, Emily? I'll try to remember to send an email to remind you ... I've been dying to get a glimpse of it. :)

Sun Feb 26, 07:04:00 PM MST  
Blogger nisa said...

I just love the spiral hat in cream. Can I have a look at that book after Jenifer sees it?

Tue Feb 28, 08:42:00 PM MST  

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