Monday, February 27, 2006

Stylish dogs model lovely eyelash scarves

So while we're on the subject of eyelash yarn, I just had to share this charming photo of Anya and Mara wearing two eyelash scarves knitted by mom. I think the girls just look stunning, don't you? Actually, they both have purple jackets and were these scarves quite a bit shorter, they would be the perfect accessory for the daily constitutional out on the open space trails. Actually, I bet some people would laugh 'til they cried, but that's a nice compliment to well dressed dogs!
Photo provided by mom


Blogger Allison said...

This photo is hilarious, and I am an opinionated bitch. I am sorry if my verbal diarrhea offended any of y'all.

Tue Feb 28, 06:55:00 PM MST  

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