Sunday, February 05, 2006

More lunch bags

Here are two bags and a hat I knit without a pattern from Romney/Corridale mix, mill processed roving that I dyed with Kool Aid and Gay Wool dyes while avoiding working on my sweater. Come to think of it, I managed to squeeze in lots of other projects so as to avoid the sweater. It wouldn't have taken so long to knit had I gotten around to it more often.... Though you probably can't see in the picture, the bags and hat all have a little spiral in them because I knitted singles right off the bobbin and did not set the twist (as is frequently done). This makes the fabric very elastic and springy and it spirals the direction in which the fiber was spun. I also felted the bags to make them more dense and insulating because they are lunch bags. So much for elastic fabric!

I know I'm going nuts here, what with all these posts and all, but I have a little free time this weekend and I'm having fun sharing. I hope you all enjoy!
Photagraphy credit goes to Sue Boudreau.


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